Design & Engineering

  • We have been the design & development team behind 9 startups. This is the work that motivated us to start Math & Pencil in the first place. All of our software is developed in Python (Django) and designed to scale. Most of our technology stacks involve the following: Django, React.js, Backbone.js, NGINX, Gunicorn, Supervisor, Underscore.js, D3.js, Celery, Redis, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Fabric, jQuery, Ubuntu, Memcache, Munin, Statsd and many more.

    We have a wide range of talents on our team stemming from Deep Learning Mathematicians to Art Directors which has allowed us to quickly learn the nuances of disparate and esoteric industries (e.g. reinsurance, catastrophe bond trading, medical electronics, human resource systems, public relations and event management, social marketing analytics and so on).

Data Science

  • Computer Vision is the process of using statistical algorithms to automatically identify or verify an object in a digital image or a video frame. Math & Pencil has extensive experience with facial recognition applications - specifically, designing algorithms that are able to detect microexpressions on a human face. Utilizing the latest feature extraction techniques, such as wavelets & time series analysis, combined with sophisticated machine learning algorithms (both Bayesian and Deterministic) Math & Pencil has successfully constructed algorithms which determined the emotion exhibited on a human face.
  • Math & Pencil has been tasked with segmenting customer comments (text) based on semantic information. We have experience building semantic analysis engines which may be used to moderate, segment or flag different types of text based comments (from blog posts to comments on a website). Custom automation tools can assist the process of online comment moderation.
  • Recommendation engines are ubiquitous in todays online experience. Popular sites such as Netflix, Amazon, and Spotify pump smart recommendations at you on an hourly basis, and for a good reason - good recommendations increase revenue. We have been tasked with building a large scale recommendation engine from trading/transaction data for a large United States financial institution to simple recommendations on a dual core laptops which were scaled to large computing clusters using Apache Hadoop / Mahout and Amazon EC2.

Apps & Mobile

  • We have covered a wide range of iPhone / Android app design and development and always enjoy the inherent constraints of working within the space. While we typically are involved in business solution apps we certainly have a good time building out social tools for our own personal use as well as our clients. So, break out your phones, tablets and other mobile devices (sometimes we feel like we're the only people still using traditional computers) and let's do some work.

Branding & Static

  • The old school items of a business that still matter (at least we think so). General branding concepts, logos, style guides, business card and letterhead designs, trade posters and really anything else you can put ink on. While this has taken a cozy spot on the back burner to our work in the startup world, we still have a great time designing for the tangible one.
  • Basic corporate or personal websites. Again, not something we do too much of outside of the landing pages for our startup related clients (honestly, we steer most people toward using services like Squarespace). Buy if you are looking for minimal functionality yet maximum awesome... we will gladly jump in and help you out.