Math & Pencil

Design & Engineering

  • We have been the design & development team behind 9 startups. This is the work that motivated us to start Math & Pencil in the first place. All of our software is developed in Python (Flask/Django), Javascript, Golang, C#/C++ and designed to scale. Our technology stacks employ all of the cutting edge, open-sourced technology. We have expertise in designing and building out large complex systems using React/Redux, NGINX/Apache/Gunicorn, we like to use D3.js for all of our interactive data visualizations. On the backend, we prefer Postgres for all data storage, redis for memcache + caching, celery for asynchronous queuing, ubuntu for our operating systems and Munin, Statds, and Pagerduty for monitoring.

    We have a wide range of talents on our team stemming from Deep Learning Mathematicians to Art Directors which has allowed us to quickly learn the nuances of disparate and esoteric industries (e.g. reinsurance, catastrophe bond trading, medical electronics, human resource systems, public relations and event management, social marketing analytics and so on).