Math & Pencil

Our Team

  • The short answer;
    A wickedly talented team of nice people who like to solve esoteric business problems.

    The long answer;
    Growing up amidst the rust belt of East America, co-owners Joe & Tim spent their youth playing in punk bands, studying math and art, and exploring the world. After obtaining degrees in mathematics, marketing, and engineering, the two worked in their respective fields independently for several years (Joe in engineering and math, Tim in marketing and design). After working together on several small dev projects and startups the two decided to launch their own company; Math & Pencil. We built several startups, were involved in early social media data mining and predictive marketing analytics, equipment simulation software and many other projects before finding our niche in large-scale business solutions. We found our stride solving business inefficiencies in esoteric fields (HIPPA legal compliance auditing, catastrophe bond and insurance, crtical care medical devices, etc.) which required quick understanding of the industry as a whole in order to design and build effective software solutions.

    We pride ourselves on our voracious appetites for learning, truly understanding business needs in order to leverage cutting edge technology stacks to create better systems of work... which hopefully lead to increased profitiably and happier work envrionments.

  • Joseph M. Co-Owner + Lead Engineer Joe loves data. He spent several years developing data models for the US intelligence community – from statistical algorithms to detect lies in airport security lines to increasing the accuracy of missile guidance systems. He is the CTO for Dukemail and Fetcher and is an owner of Math & Pencil. He makes everything work, adding gears and algorithms to what otherwise appears to be a magical black box. Joe studied electrical engineering at University of Pittsburgh and later completed a master's in applied math at the University of Maryland. Since then, he's worked for several large defense contractors and government security agencies. He pairs his mathematical skills with a strong palette for delicious libations and mellifluous musicality (you'll find him often at many of the L.E.S watering holes where he resides).
  • Tim H . Co-Owner + Lead Designer Tim studied design and marketing at Indiana University. He has designed all sorts of digital applications, GUIs for startups and physical devices, packaging, traditional branding materials, large scale civic events, and so on. He resides in Western New York with his beautiful wife and three daughters where he is active in the restoration of 19th century historic buildings. When he's not designing digitally you'll find him building furniture, enjoying rocks, waves and snow in the great outdoors and drinking beer while listening to the sounds of Hop Along, Worriers, Pat Carroll, Jeffery Martin, The Menzingers, Tom Waits and so on.
  • Scott S. High Level Architecture + Engineer Scott has been tackling complex software issues since he was in middle school, when he ran a BBS and hacked on the source code (and got hacked, before it was cool). When he was 12, local professional system admins would turn to him when they were stumped. By 19, he was leading a team creating an innovative speech recognition-based warehouse management system. After side ventures developing bird-song recognition software, hand-cutting wooden jigsaw puzzles, and building peer-to-peer sensor networks for the Department of Defense, he returned to the online world. After a quarter of a century, he's still just as passionate about developing software. At Math and Pencil, he strives to anticipate, understand, and solve client needs, sometimes even before they know they have them.
  • Andrew M. Engineering & Client Management Andrew has been working with Math & Pencil since the early days of the company, starting out as an intern in NYC back in 2011. Between now and then he took a job at a payroll company where he led development for over a year before returning full time. He currently resides in Western New York with his 3 cats and a quasi-stranger named Hillary. While much of his time is dedicated to backend development, the rest is spent handling our dev-ops which is almost entirely managed through AWS. Andrew likes to spend his summers living on the golf course and during the winter enjoys drinking craft beers while waiting for the next golf season to arrive.
  • Jeff H. Engineering & Problem Solving When Jeff was 19 he built a task daemon for an innovative speech recognition-based warehouse management system. Most recently, he was the technical lead for an enterprise WCMS running an award winning government website. In between, he's built web applications and systems in the advertising, education, art, and franchising worlds. Jeff studied Computer Science at Columbia University before moving to Seattle to build Habitat homes. He settled there with his wife and daughter in a small home with a never ending punch list. They endeavor to spend summers outdoors in the PNW and to travel in the winters.
  • Blaise B. Engineering & Problem Solving After graduating from Stanford University with a BS in Symbolic Systems, Blaise left Silicon Valley to explore the startup scene in NYC. While in New York, he worked on everything from wrangling data in the complex, fragmented world of U.S. healthcare to a one-of-a-kind e-commerce marketplace for 3D printed goods. Blaise prides himself in working across technologies to deliver seamless and efficient solutions for real-world business problems. These days, Blaise is a bit of nomad, popping up in cities across the Northeast and his native Midwest. When he's not creating excellent software for Math and Pencil clients, you can find him listening to hip-hop, learning a new language, or reading science fiction.
  • Kyle W. Engineering & Problem Solving Kyle was a student-athlete at Gettysburg College where he studied Computer Science. Out of college, he worked on projects for the Department of Defense, including a testing suite for missile defense systems and a configurable radar simulation. He isn't afraid of complex problems and utilizes his wide range of interests and experiences to figure out the right tool for the job (read: Kyle is a swiss army knife.) Kyle loves to travel, but he calls Philadelphia home where you will find him walking his dog, watching/playing sports, and enjoying a coffee, but probably an IPA, with friends and family.
  • Ashish J. Engineering & Problem Solving After receiving a BS in computer science from B Tech Information Technology, Ashish has worked at developer roles at Amazon, Groupon and most recently was the lead developer at Sploor Limit. He has deep experience with scaling web services on AWS, as well as being a full-stack developer specializing in Python, PHP, and Javascript
  • Adam W. Director of Strategic Partnerships Adam has been intrigued by the more constructive and impactful tenets of sales, marketing, and business development for about a decade. He and his wife Megg currently reside in an old Victorian in Medina where they go on daily walks together with their dog Rudie, spin records, grow vegetables, and plow through books...and their first baby (a girl!) is coming in the fall of 2019. Adam is working on writing a horror sci-fi screenplay while not forming new friendships for Math & Pencil, and is slated to someday graduate with a concentration in literature. His favorite films include The Shining, Citizen Kane, and Pulp Fiction and his favorite records include Weezer’s first two albums, Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon,” and every single song that Fugazi ever released.